Maiju Schreck


Who's Maiju?

Let me introduce myself...


I am a second year Mediatechnology student at JAMK that is interested in understanding technology's and Social Media's influence to our society. In the future I would like to produce beautiful and functional websites and applications to make peoples everyday lives easier. I see myself to working as UX-Designer or in Digimarketing.

My interests

Web design

Everyone and everything is online. My interest to Webdesign is the pure curiousness of people's behavior online and how I can create online services with great design and functionality.


The travelbug bit me around decade ago at EF-language school. After that I traveled a lot and lived abroad for longer time twice: 2012 in Australia and 2015 in Switzerland.


I love sports and an active lifestyle has always been a huge part of my life. I keep myself in balance by playing basketball and hitting the slopes with my snowboard.


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